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The journey for the Hood family truly had started 7 years prior. Rusty, Bridgett and Kai have eagerly anticipated a new addition to their family for the past 7 years. The Hood Family has been trying for many years to conceive more children and grow their family. After the birth of their son, Kai, the Hoods started trying to have more children 2 years after. As each month came and went, Bridgett became more dissatisfied that they might not get pregnant. Rusty and she were persistent and kept trying for 2 more years.
Around the year of 2007, the Hoods felt that something might be wrong – which was incomprehensible since their lovely son was conceived while Bridgett was on the pill. It was a perfect Godsend and gift in the 2nd year of marriage to have Kai born in the family August 11, 2003.
Bridgett and Rusty started to contact multiple doctors to consult why pregnancy wasn’t happening. After many visits, the doctors said nothing was wrong with their bodies for fertility reasons. The Hoods then started visiting fertility specialists and seeking alternative ways to get pregnant from ovulation timing to artificial insemination. Many failed attempts caused Rusty and Bridgett to resort to adopting a child through the church in 2010.
The adoption process went perfect for 8 months while they waited to receive the newborn baby. It was November 21, 2010 right before Thanksgiving in Seattle, WA that they were to go to the courts and pick up their newborn adopted baby. However, the mother decided to keep the baby at the last minute the day before Thanksgiving on November 23, 2010. It was a trying time and heart breaking.
After a few months, Bridgett and Rusty then decided to try foster caring for babies in the hopes of adopting one of them. It was a difficult process as caring for babies who had drug influences were tough to pacify and care for. Therefore, the Hoods decided to try to visit the fertility doctors again and try to conceive.
The miracle came when the doctors realized how to get the Hoods pregnant with Jade on March 31, 2012. It was a simple fix and now the Hoods knew how to get pregnant going forward. So when Bridgett became pregnant on March 31st, it was a miracle and something hoped, prayed, and desired for almost 7 years. However, the real journey started with Jade’s birth coming too early on August 31, 2012 at 25.5 weeks. This is where the real story and journey of Jade starts.

*** Updated- The Hoods then had 3 additional losses- Twin Boys- Lincoln & Kole were born at 23 weeks on 7/21/2013, and Kamdyn was born at 22 weeks on 9/21/2016. Peace be with all 4 Angels in Heaven.

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