Susan Klaus

Charity: Agape Ranch (

About Susan: Susan has a grand total of six children. Her and her loving husband of 14 years have two biological, three adopted, and sometimes one foster child under their roof. She loves her two fur babies, coffee, and Jesus. She loves a good book and hiking in the mountains in her spare time! Susan is representing The Agape Ranch for The Bend Magazine's 7 Most Beautiful Women: Inside and Out charity event.

About Susan's Charity: Agape Ranch provides high quality foster care in South Texas by supporting and equipping foster and adoptive families. Their big goal for the future is to finish the 18 homes they are currently working to build on 8-acres of land that was generously provided to them for the purposes of high quality foster care. More than half of the children in our community are sent out of the community because of the lack of foster home and Agape Ranch is aiming to keep that from happening. They want to keep the children together and keep them in this community to help, support, and mentor them for their future ahead.

Why Susan loves her charity: Agape Ranch invests in the legacy of our community. They take care of the high-quality foster parents because they are on the front lines. They are the ones who are doing the loving, working, and constantly fighting for the best interests of the children in their care. Agape Ranch invests in and mentors the foster children in this community.

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