Regina Garcia

Charity: The Selena Foundation (

About Regina: Regina and her wonderful husband have a 16 year old boy. She was born and raised here in Corpus Christi and loves living here! Regina is very involved with her church, as well as numerous other non-profit organizations in the community. Her passion for helping others stems from her love for the community and wanting to better the lives of those around her. When she isn’t busy working or volunteering, Regina loves to participate in group workout classes with those who inspire her to be at her best. Regina is representing The Selena Foundation for The Bend Magazine's 7 Most Beautiful Women: Inside and Out event.

About Regina's Charity: The Selena Foundation offers the motivation that every child needs to complete their education, to live moral lives, to love their families, to respect human life, and to sing whatever song they were born to sing. The main goal of the foundation is to simply give back to the youth of our community. Students who are in need of the right resources in order to get to the highest level of education as possible.

Why Regina loves her charity: Giving back to the community is such an important thing to do. Regina mentions every child has a dream and is born with gifts and to be able to highlight those gifts and help the children grow is what the foundation is all about. Being able to enlighten that gift, whatever it may be, in order to allow the student to reach their full potential is what she loves most about The Selena Foundation.

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