Lori Galan-Garcia

Charity: Autism Spectrum Resource Center (http://www.asrc-cc.org/)

About Lori: Lori was born and raised in Corpus Christi and loves her community. She has been married for 26 amazing years and loves her two children dearly. Like a lot of our women on this year's list, Lori volunteers with numerous organizations around town and loves to help those around her. Her children are her inspiration and she looks to them for strength when life gets hard. Lori loves to relax to the Frio River with her friends and family when she isn't busy making the community a better place. She has compassion for others and a heart that loves deeply. Lori is representing the Autism Spectrum Resource Center for The Bend Magazine's 7 Most Beautiful Women: Inside and Out event.

About Lori's charity: The Autism Spectrum Resource Center is a charity Lori holds very close to her heart. Her son was diagnosed with autism when he was in the third grade. This charity helps so many people all of which are on different levels of the wide range spectrum of autism. Their mission is to provide affordable support services and make a positive impact on the lives of the individuals with, and the families of those on the autism spectrum.

Why Lori loves her charity: Lori has such a strong connection to this charity because autism is a very hard disability to deal with on your own. The center helps everyone and they have so many programs to offer. Her son and his diagnosis brought her to the charity and she hasn't stopped fighting and supporting the cause ever since.

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